This bad boy wolf will do whatever it takes to claim his mate...

I’ve raised my kids, rose to the top of the game in my career as a private celebrity chef, and now it’s my time to shine.
All my adult life I’ve worked hard to provide the best life possible for my family. I can finally take some time for myself and maybe even find a man who’s willing to stand by my side. So when I hear The Real Werewives are looking for contestants for their Colorado season, I apply.
Levi chose me as his forever mate. This cowboy wolf has a rebellious streak that’s seriously hot. He’ll break all the rules to claim me, even if it causes a pack war.
I know a thing or two about fighting for the things I want. And I’m determined to fight for this pack. But when my daughter drops a bombshell on me, I realize it might be too late for me to help Levi save Colorado Ranch.

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