An episode like no other...

Everyone assumes I applied to The Real Werewives to find the love of my life, but I came to tell my side of the story--it's time my voice is heard.
At one time, I was America’s Sweetheart. I starred in movie after movie and won major awards all before the age of ten. Everyone thought my life was perfect.
That was until I emancipated from my parents and woke up in Vegas married to the world’s most notorious rock star wolf.
We weren’t in love, and it didn’t last. It was a cry for help.
The scandal got attention—the wrong kind. Directors refused to return my phone calls, and the press went from Princess Roxy to Poor Roxy overnight.
It’s been almost twenty-five years since my fall from grace, and I want to set the record straight.
Turns out, there’s been a sweet cowboy wolf waiting for me on Colorado Ranch all this time. He says he’s always known I was his mate, and he wants to give me the home and family that's become my dream. Hollywood? I don’t need them anymore.
But that rock star from my past? He just might get the last word.

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