It's the Werewives Christmas spectacular!

When I announced I was leaving my mate on a live broadcast of The Real Werewives, I became a hot topic on the forums. Most viewers thought I should leave Jackson in the dust.
Sometimes, I agreed with them.
But he’s my fated mate.
So when I ask for our own episode to work things out, I have no plans on making things easy on him. He’ll have to prove to me things are different this time, or I won’t see him.
Because he’s Jackson, he won’t make things easy, either.
As we go on holiday-themed dates, I realize I’ve changed too. And it’s time to redefine what it means to be the mate of an alpha wolf.
That is, if our appearance on the show doesn’t tear our pack apart.
Join The Real Werewives for our holiday spectacular! Catch up with your favorite Werewives from previous seasons, get a sneak peek at Bibi Bootcamp, and see what happens when Jackson goes on the hot seat!

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