It's a whole new mating game...

I've been rejected as a mate for the last time. My obsession with shifters has only gotten me in trouble. So why on Earth would I go through with being a contestant on The Mating Game?
My self-appointed fairy dragmother is determined to make my life sparkle. Bibi le Bonnet swears she can find my forever shifter, the one who will finally claim me.
She might be fabulous, but she's got her work cut out for her.
I'll get three questions.
Why have all the local shifters had their claws out when it comes to me? Can Bibi really fix my life with a wave of her bejeweled wand? And will my past come back to bite me when I least expect it?
Three potential suitors.
Bibi doesn't mess around when it comes to finding the hottest eligible shifters. My first two options would get anyone's attention. But I'm shocked when lion shifter Gabe Wylde walks out from behind that curtain. Gabe's been my best friend forever. He can't be my shifter – can he? No matter how this turns out, I'm about to see a completely different side of him.
And three dates to find my forever.
When my everyday life collides with ancient shifter secrets, I land in the crosshairs of Gabe's pride. Will he keep his promise to claim me as his mate, or will my fierce lion shifter leave me at the altar? I must be on reality TV, because no one could write an episode this tense.

The Mating Game is a brand-new series brought to you by the team that created The Real Werewives! Get ready for a season full of fun and flirty episodes finding fated mates where you least expect them. Anything can happen when the cameras are rolling, but don’t worry, these books don’t fade to black.

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