Meet the Royal Omegas!

A rebellious wolf will bring this shifter king to his knees…
She changed my life as soon as I saw her at the party. No one knew who she was, but I didn’t care. I’d make her mine, no matter the price.

This beauty threatened to cost me everything.

She’s a lowly omega. The class of wolf my father declared the enemy at the beginning of this endless war. I’m the king now and breaking the rules for her could cost me my crown.
Mating with a strong-willed omega is the least of my problems.

Will Zelene, with her dreams of revolution, bring the kingdom together or tear it apart?


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Every Pagan holiday, a dragon reclaims his wings. 

Cecily isn't looking to settle down. As the backup singer in a hot country band, she's searching for the spotlight. Never did she consider the small town of Summerland, Tennessee would be the place she'd shine the brightest...
Rafe isn't looking for love, and it has nothing to do with the botched love spell that cursed his dragon thunder. He found the love of his life once and lost her. 
Can this country star put a song back in his heart? 

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