May 31, 2017

Stardust is available now!

Stardust was released as part of the Sultry and Sinful box set, but now you can grab the story on its own! This is the story of how Holly and Rainey came to Vegas, so if you haven’t met them yet, now is a great time, since–spoiler alert–there’s more Cirque Macabre coming soon. Rainey must cast […]


Christmas in May!

Happy book birthday to Silent Night! Kyndra and Aidan are joining the rest of the Night Songs crew with their rerelease. This Christmas isn’t about celebration. For me, it’s about survival. I’ve spent my days couch surfing, hanging onto my dead-end job by a thread, and trying to avoid my awful ex. At Christmas Eve […]

May 8, 2017

Fated & Forbidden Giveaway Hop!

Part of the Fated & Forbidden Collection. Each book stands alone but builds to one helluva climax. In Fated & Forbidden, the very existence of supernatural creatures balances on the edge of a knife. Are they worthy enough to continue living? Or were they a mistake that should be wiped from the world? There is […]


We Own the Night is Here!

We’ve got a book birthday in the house! The storyline with Callie, Tristan and Blade, as well as Melanie, Ryder, and Soul Divider is now complete with the release of We Own the Night. If you’ve been waiting on this series because you want to binge read—now’s the time! The Night Songs Collection is urban […]


Night Moves Available Now!

The Night Songs rerelease continues with Night Moves! This is Melanie and Ryder’s story. And if you’re saying, WTF Kristen, you left us totally hanging with Callie in that office, and you want us to read someone else’s story. Yes, I do. 🙂 Melanie, Ryder, and Soul Divider figure prominently into the rest of Callie’s […]

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