Wrapped Around My Finger

Wrapped Around My Finger

Money can buy love, but no one can have it all.
I broke all my rules to be with Leah. Now that I’ve fallen in love with her, there’s no way I can keep working as an escort. But now the hard work starts. If I want to keep her, I have to convince her that I’m ready to be with one woman.
Leah thinks my artistic vision is just the thing her new restoration show needs. But when scandal rocks the show, I wonder if I’ve made the biggest mistake of my life.

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About the Book

Jagger’s broken all of his rules to be with Leah. There’s no way he can keep working as a male escort now that he’s fallen in love. And if he wants to keep her, he needs to stop making excuses and prove he’s more than just amazing in bed.

Everyone warns Leah that it will never work with Jagger. A guy like him isn’t cut out for a real relationship. She’s spent her life taking care of everybody else, and now it’s her turn to get what she wants.

Leah knows that Jagger’s raw artistic talent is exactly what her new restoration show needs to be a success. But when a scandal threatens to ruin everything she’s worked so hard for, Jagger wonders if he’s made a mistake thinking he can be anything but an escort.

Money can buy love, but no one can have it all.

Series: The Escort, Book 2
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