Wanton for the Wolven King

Wanton for the Wolven King

I claimed you once, Phillipa, and I plan do it again.

Dear Miss Phillipa Willoughby, on account of your preference for plants and stones over people, and your complete withdrawal from society, Her Majesty has deemed your Season a failure. Considering your utter defiance for all proposals, you are hereby ordered to attend The Monsters Ball.

Phillipa Willoughby already had one successful Season, betrothed to Wesley, Duke of Chelmsford. But after her kind and gentle husband mysteriously disappears on their wedding night, she finds polite society intolerable and withdraws to the woodlands. With her hands happily in the dirt, she is delighted to learn the ways of the herbs and crystals she’s found in the forest, and the traditions of the fae who call the woodlands home.

But all is not peaceful in this newly found sanctuary. The woodland creatures are being terrorized by a Wolven King.

When Her Majesty demands she attend The Monsters Ball, a three-day affair at a remote gothic estate, her family threatens to shun her if she attends. But Phillipa welcomes the invite. She plans to seduce the noblest members of this monstrous society to get information on the fearsome Wolven King.

Few have seen the beastly royal in with their own eyes, but she’ll stop at nothing for the chance to confront him. To make life better for the residents of the woodlands she loves.

But the Wolven King is on a mission too. He refuses to believe his condition is permanent, or to give up on his bride. He’s been watching over her while attempting to steal magic from the woodland fae to regain his humanity. When he's given chance to reveal himself to Phillipa in his wolven form at the ball, he’s reluctant. He’s feral. And he’s determined to reclaim the love of his life, even if the lady has vowed to destroy him.

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Series: The Monsters Ball
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