Trained by the Rogue Wolf

Trained by the Rogue Wolf

Chasing my dream could cost me my mate.

The hot guy on the plane isn’t just the breakout star of the Alaska Bloodhounds, he’s also the brother of the wolf who tore my family apart.

My twin sister was claimed by a rogue wolf, and I’m a mess without her. I head to Sawtooth Forest to talk some sense into her. Instead, I’m at her mating ceremony and I've agreed to star in an episode of The Real Werewives with Matteo Shaw.

Who is this wolf? Matteo claims he has no past and no pack. Everyone warns me that he’s dangerous. I'm used to being considered the reckless one. This wolf sees me in a way no one else ever has.

He makes me feel like a she-wolf. Almost.

Matteo’s not the only one with secrets. Can this wolf with the mysterious past show me what it means to be pack? That is, if he doesn’t tear the Bloodhounds and the Werewives apart first.

Anything can happen when the cameras are rolling.

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Series: The Real Werewives of Sawtooth Forest, Book 2
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