The Real Werewives of Alaska Box Set Vol 1. Books 1-3

The Real Werewives of Alaska Box Set Vol 1. Books 1-3

The Werewives are ready to play.

Join The Real Werewives for this fun and steamy season with the Alaska Bloodhounds and follow the Werewives as they find love with these wild football players.
Meet the contestants:

Running Wild
Hi! I’m Naomi.
I’m not in Alaska to meet some furry jock. I became a Real Werewife to find a platform for my travel blog. And it almost worked, too. When running back Sebastian mistakes me for a crew member at the kickoff party, neither of us can deny there’s something more. Much more. But none of my travel could ever prepare me for the adventure with this wolf shifter.

Silver Fox
Hi! I’m Jenna.
Becoming a Real Werewife is my last resort to get the attention of veteran quarterback Landon Fox. I’m not an overzealous fan. I’m the mother of his teenage daughter. Our wild child is about to turn eighteen, and I need his help keeping her under control. But being this close to Landon again has intensified all my old feelings for the fox shifter. This time, is it for real?

Catching the Vixen
Hi! I’m Fiona.
After I crashed an Alaska Bloodhounds bachelor auction, I got offered a contract to become a Real Werewife. But there’s one player I’ve got my eye on. Tyler Jones, the backup quarterback and my dad’s mentee. If that wasn’t enough drama, I’m about to shift for the very first time. Can this sexy lion shifter keep a fox like me safe?

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Series: The Real Werewives of Alaska
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