Sawtooth Shifters Box Set Volume 1

Sawtooth Shifters Box Set Volume 1

Meet these small-town wolves and the curvy ladies they love!
In this set:
Her Captive Wolf
A leader facing his pack’s extinction. A woman broken by a tragic accident. Together they just might survive—if they learn to trust each other.

As the director of Forever Home animal shelter, Trina can’t ignore the rumors about a vicious dog fighting ring in Granger Falls, Idaho, and rushes in to rescue them. She’ll stop at nothing to keep her furry friends safe, even if it puts her life in danger.

With his pack caught and trapped in a fighting ring, Shadow Channing never expected a beautiful woman to be his salvation. Now she’s a target in their pack’s war and he’ll have to explain to her exactly why the wolves she helped save shifted into their human forms on the full moon.

Freedom won’t be enough to save his pack. To best their captors for good, he must work with the rival wolves he fought in captivity and convince Trina the Sawtooth Shifters have no future without her as his mate.

Her Guardian Wolf
A scarred soldier. A wolf born to fight for his survival. Together they’ll find peace—if they can beat their own demons.

Kiera grew up in a man’s world and has the scars to prove it. First as the only girl in a family full of brothers, and then in the Army’s EOD unit. She’s working at Forever Home animal shelter as rehabilitation for her PTSD, and these animals are about to change her life. But it’s a rescued werewolf that sees her in a way no one else ever has.
All Baron Channing knows is war. His family has protected Sawtooth Forest for generations, but now a rival pack has them at their mercy. They’ve got Keira in their crosshairs, and Baron’s been assigned to guard the women who saved him and his brothers from a fighting ring.
Baron’s tired of violence, and if his pack will survive this attack, they’ll have to fight harder than they ever have before. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep the incredible woman he’s been assigned to protect safe and make her his mate.
Her Renegade Wolf
Sold to the highest bidder, Cass lost her true mate forever.

As a Sawtooth she-wolf, pack law demanded she accept her fate. Now, after sacrificing her heart for the good of the pack, she’s expected to stand by and let her daughter’s future be dictated by that same fear instead of the love she deserves.
Cass won’t let that happen.
Major has had enough. After months in captivity, he wants more than revenge on his captor. He is determined to claim the mate he lost and save his pack from extinction. The consequences of his plan may be steep, but he’ll sacrifice everything for a second chance with Cass.
But Cass isn’t sure which man poses the greater threat. The one who owns her body, or the one who holds her heart?

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About the Book

Included in this set:

Her Captive Wolf:

When I get word of an illegal dogfighting ring on the edge of town, I'll do everything in my power to stop it. Once we bring those dogs back to Forever Home animal shelter and get them cleaned up, we realize they're not dogs at all.
They're wolves.
Doesn't matter–we'll nurse them back to health and give them a second chance at life before releasing them into the wild. I have to admit, I'm getting attached to the blue-eyed wolf who won't leave my side.
And on the full moon, they shift.
That wolf who wouldn't leave my side? His name is Shadow, and he'll do whatever it takes to thank me for saving his pack.
Not everyone in town is happy the Sawtooth Shifters are back, and their enemies have set their sights on a new target—me.
Shadow swears he'll keep me safe because I'm his mate. But I destroyed my last relationship, and I can't do that to him too. But if I deny his claim, the pack is doomed.

Her Guardian Wolf:

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who grew up in a man's world. Surrounded by brothers, she joined the Army the first chance she got.
But after a bomb blast changed everything, she doesn't know where she belongs anymore.
That little girl…is me.
Now I'm working at Forever Home animal shelter as part of my rehabilitation for PTSD. And it's a rescued werewolf that sees me like no one else ever has.
Baron and I have a lot in common. Too much, maybe. All his family has known is war, and a rival pack has them at their mercy.
Those rival wolves think they can use me and my coworkers as pawns. Oh, hell no.
He's been assigned to protect me. That means guarding my apartment at night, and telling me bedtime stories to keep my mind off the shifter war.
Baron's tired of violence, but he'll fight harder than he ever has to make sure I get my happily ever after.

Her Renegade Wolf: 

When there was a she-wolf shortage in the Sawtooth pack, the elders decided it would be best to sell them to the highest bidder.
I was one of those she-wolves.
So I was a good little wolf and did the right thing. Now I'm stuck in a loveless marriage with a wicked wolf who considers me his property. But I daydream about what my life would've been like if I'd defied my pack and gone with Major Lowe, my fated mate.
Now Major's back after a mysterious disappearance, and claims my husband held him prisoner. He's determined to avenge what was done to him and his brothers. And he'll do whatever it takes to claim his fated mate. Me. He promises things will be different this time, and he can give me and my daughter a life full of love and security.
But I'm not sure which man poses the greatest threat—the man who owns my body, or the man who owns my heart.
Note from Kristen: These stories were originally published as Forever Home, Rescue Me, Protect Me, and Conquer Me.

Series: Sawtooth Shifters
Tag: Recommended Books
ASIN: B085N87R74
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