Protected by the Rogue Wolf

Protected by the Rogue Wolf

My mate could be the she-wolf that destroys me.

Twelve years after being sold to one of the most prominent members of the pack, I shocked everyone by asking for my freedom.

My first lesson? Freedom came with a price. My friends and family refused to support me.

So I turned to The Real Werewives—not only for the camaraderie of the other she-wolves, but to find the love I deserved.

But it’s not all lights, camera, fated mate—my ex isn’t ready to let me go.

I met Carlos at a kickoff party for the show. When he stands up to my ex, my she-wolf is all in. But Carlos has a past too, one he wasn’t ready to walk away from.

A past he’s determined to make right.

There are new rules in the Sawtooth pack, but Carlos is playing it anything but safe. And when I learn what brought Carlos to Granger Falls, there’s no way I can let him go through with his assignment.

Can the wolf hired to kill my ex be the one to save the pack?

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Series: The Real Werewives of Sawtooth Forest, Book 3
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