Love Spell

Love Spell

Believe in Magic.

A dragon stuck in his human form. A fledgling enchantress with a saucy blog. And a decades-old love spell that might have succeeded after all. 

Sophie Whynot can’t watch another one of her friends get married or have a baby when her own prospects for love are dire. Scratch that, catastrophic. This trip to the Smoky Mountain village to stay with her gran is a much-needed reset. A chance to get her blog off the ground and learn about the magic her grandmother practices. A chance to get to really know herself.

Tyson Drake knows exactly who he is, and it was stolen from him when Sophie’s grandmother cast a love spell on his dragon thunder half a century ago. The spell was supposed to help him find his mate, but instead, doomed him to walk the earth as a human. Not a mate in sight. And nothing he's tried to get his fire back has worked.

But when his feelings for Sophie intensify, is he willing to take a chance on another Whynot enchantress, or will her magic be the end of him?

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Series: Smoky Mountain Dragons, Book 1
Tag: Recommended Books
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