Intercepting Christmas

Intercepting Christmas

I’m the executive producer of The Real Werewives of Alaska.

And for Christmas, my husband thinks I should get my own episode.

Cole’s a football coach in Idaho. We’ve only seen each other via video chat since the season began. When I tell him I’m not sure I can break away from the show for the holiday, he surprises me with my very own camera crew.

This wolf shifter plans to claim me all over again. It’s my turn for some hot tub time.

But I didn’t leave the drama in Alaska. Our daughters are here with us too, and when one of them shifts for the first time, she catches the attention of a rival pack.

Can Cole put a new team together on an unfamiliar playing field, or will this trip tear our family apart?

Intercepting Christmas features a guest appearance from the Sawtooth Shifters!

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Series: The Real Werewives of Alaska, Book 6
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