Intercepting Christmas

About the Book

A bitter pack rivalry. A forbidden new mate. And of course some hot tub time. Is this just another episode of The Real Werewives of Alaska?

Not a chance. The Werewives are pulling out all the stops for their Christmas special.

Tessa Williams is the executive producer of the hit reality dating show, and she’s made a name for herself by telling everyone else’s story. But putting her career first has stretched her ties with her family.

Wolf shifter Cole Williams is the head coach of the Boise Black Diamonds, and after a long season, he’s ready to reconnect with his wife. He’ll do whatever it takes to make this holiday special for Tessa.

He plans a getaway to Sawtooth Forest, with a camera crew in tow to catch every moment under the mistletoe.

But no reality TV show comes without drama. Cole had no idea bringing his family here would lead to a starring role in a pack war. And when his daughter shifts for the first time, those enemy wolves awaken a warrior.

Can Cole put a new team together on an unfamiliar playing field, or will this trip tear his family apart?

Intercepting Christmas features a guest appearance from the Sawtooth Shifters!

Series: The Real Werewives of Alaska, Book 6
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