Her Renegade Wolf

Her Renegade Wolf

Sold to the highest bidder, Cass lost her true mate forever.

As a Sawtooth she-wolf, pack law demanded she accept her fate. Now, after sacrificing her heart for the good of the pack, she is expected to stand by and let her daughter’s future be dictated by that same fear instead of the love she deserves.

She’s not going to let that happen.

Major has had enough. After months of captivity, he wants more than revenge on his captor. He’s going to claim the mate he lost and save his pack from extinction. The consequences of his plan may be steep, but he’ll sacrifice everything for a second chance with Cass.

But Cass isn’t sure which man poses the greater threat. The man who owns her body, or the one who holds her heart?

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Series: Sawtooth Shifters, Book 3
Tag: Recommended Books
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