Her Christmas Wolf

Her Christmas Wolf

Shea Lowe throws punches first and ask questions later.

But he wants out of the underground fighting ring that earned him the nickname Lone Wolf. His only chance of getting another job on a ranch is volunteering at Forever Home’s new rescue farm. He’s a wildcard, and this job requires patience he’s never had.

Delaney’s come to work at Forever Home as the next step of her rehabilitation, but she’s got more in common than the animals at the shelter than the women who work there. It’s a reckless, misunderstood werewolf who sees her for who she really is and treats her in a way she only dreamed was possible. Human.

Delaney shows Shea that actions speak louder than words, and he’ll do anything to give her something she’s never had—a joy-filled Christmas. But first, Delaney must decide if she can accept Shea’s tumultuous past.

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About the Book
Series: Sawtooth Shifters, Book 4
Tag: Recommended Books
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