Claimed by the Rogue Wolf

Claimed by the Rogue Wolf

The first time I shift, an enemy pack captures me. They have a score to settle with my family and my life is payment—until another prisoner claims me as his mate and protects me until my pack arrives.

I don't know this massive male wolf—but my wolf does. I beg my pack to give Marcus a chance to prove himself—to them and to me.

But that’s not enough to make my family accept that I’m dropping out of college to mate with an unknown wolf, especially with that pack gunning for us.

Now it’s not only our hearts on the line—it's our lives. So I make another deal, one that lands Marcus and me right in the spotlight: My mom’s the producer of The Real Werewives, and she assigns a camera crew to keep an eye on us.

Now we’re starring in our very own episode of a dating reality show.

And anything can happen when the cameras are rolling.

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About the Book
Series: The Real Werewives of Sawtooth Forest, Book 1
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