Catching the Vixen

Catching the Vixen

Get ready, Alaska.

When I crashed a bachelor auction for The Real Werewives of Alaska, the producers immediately offered me a contract for the show. Problem is, my parents are already contestants, and that hot quarterback I placed the winning bid for? He’s my dad’s protégé.

Those producers want me to do something outrageous to get the viewers’ attention, and I plan to deliver. All my dad’s grumbling won’t keep me away from lion shifter Tyler Jones.

The lion thing could pose a problem because I’m half-human, half-fox, and all wild child. My plan is to play with the big cat and move on. That is, until I shift for the very first time. Now my animal wants something more. Like forever.

I thought dealing with my dad’s disapproval was an issue, but if I’m going to play for keeps with Tyler, I need to win his family over first.

Whoever said being a vixen was easy?

Find out what happens when fate brings these star-crossed lovers together!

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Series: The Real Werewives of Alaska, Book 3
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