It’s Christmas at Colorado Ranch!

Hey! It's Stephanie here and I can't lie, I'm wiped out. I've been having to sneak around the chalet the last couple of weeks because we're doing something we don't normally do on The Real Werewives.

We're keeping secrets.

The wolves of Colorado Ranch have been putting a ton of thought into what to get the Werewives for Christmas. And we're letting you know before they do!

Don't tell the ladies!

Saint: I've invited Gretta's favorite vegan chef to spend a weekend at the ranch. They'll be able to talk about recipes, strategies for Plant-Based Country Girl, and maybe if they hit it off, they'll collaborate on a project.

Mason: I've managed to find a first edition of Laura's favorite book. With a little help from Stephanie, we got the author to sign it with a personal message to her. The author also agreed to come talk to the pack book club at their next meeting.

Bianca is getting a whole bedroom makeover.

Levi: I'm bringing Sunny to Europe on a food tasting tour. She said she's always wanted to do it, but she never could because of the kids. We'll be headed to Paris, Barcelona, and Sicily.

Austin: I got Blaire lessons from her favorite Burlesque dancer, and an invitation to join her burlesque troupe on stage in Vegas for a night.

Damon: I've collected some of Roxy's sketchbooks, put the stories together, and made a book with them. Stephanie's put me in touch with a producer that might be interested in making an animated series out of her drawings. The appointment card will be in the book.

Sterling: We have to keep this a secret. For reasons.