August 22, 2020

Announcing the new season of The Real Werewives!


The Real Werewives has been renewed for a third season, and this time, the hit shifter dating reality show is headed to the heart of Colorado for a season like no other.

“Saint Lovell and his pack came to us in Sawtooth Forest with an interesting proposition,” executive producer Stephanie Manada told us at a recent press conference for The Real Werewives. “And it made the most sense to bring the show to their beautiful ranch. Because of the unique needs of the pack, we’re doing things a little differently this season. All of our contestants are over forty. And this season, we’ll be working with a time constraint, and I’m excited to see how that influences our mate matches.”

When asked if this time constraint means the show will be scripting the episodes, Manada insisted that spontaneity was the thing that made viewers tune in season after season. “We’ve accelerated the matches, and brought some amazing women who will win these wolves over.”

The Real Werewives of Colorado premieres September 3, 2020 with 30 Day Mate and you can preorder now! 

“You don’t want to miss this season,” Manada added.

When this alpha is threatened with losing his pack’s land, he turns to a reality show to find the one thing he needs to save it—a mate.
Saint doesn’t want trouble, but this cowboy is about to lose the ranch and fortune he’s worked so hard for. He refuses to let his pack legacy die, but without a mate, the land treaty becomes null and void.
Gretta is the last person his wolf should choose to fill that role. She’s been making trouble look good on the internet for years. But when her façade is exposed, Saint can help her repair her reputation as a country girl. All she has to do is commit to this wolf forever. That is, if she’s actually cut out for the life he’s offering her.
But controversy follows Gretta everywhere, including Colorado Ranch. Will her past steal his future? This time, the legacy of an entire pack is on the line…

Join The Real Werewives for this fun and STEAMY season on Colorado Ranch and follow each couple as they find true love after forty.