January 30, 2018

Silver Fox Quarterbacks That Influenced Landon Fox

If you've been hanging around these parts, you've probably picked up on the fact I love football. In this house, football starts on Thursday night, is an all-day Sunday affair (from the NFL network pregame show to Sunday Night Football) and ends on Monday night. I'm completely bummed out that there's only one game left to the season and I plan to cope with the impending offseason by hanging out with the Alaska Bloodhounds. Don't get me wrong though, football is a year-round thing for us in this household thanks to the multiple fantasy football leagues that are about nowadays! We absolutely love them and it's fun to have an ongoing competition between family members although some of us get a little more competitive than others… Although in all honesty, we weren't very good when we first started and used something similar to this dfs lineup optimizer to help us get started. It's actually increased our enjoyment of watching regular football games now that we have a better understanding of the players! People play football all around the world (in different ways), so no wonder it is a pretty big thing for us all to take part in, we put on our NFL jerseys and sit down to cheer on the ones we love. My friend in Australia talks about their football league and how she cheers on the Melbourne Demons on her side, she sent me a picture, and I'm pretty sure she's bought out the entire melbourne fc shop! I can't blame her though.

Silver Fox is Landon Fox's book. We've already met Landon in Running Wild and Reindeer games, as the team alpha, veteran quarterback and star of the Bloodhounds. He literally won a standoff with an angry wolf pack with his star power alone. He's also 40 years old. Only a handful of quarterbacks have played into their forties.

Here are some of the ones that helped influence Landon's character:
4. Doug Flutie.
I'm a Boston girl of a certain age and Doug was one of my very first sports crushes. I religiously watched him play for Boston College and witnessed the Hail Mary pass as it happened. Yeah, I'm old as fuck. I was really disappointed with the NFL when Doug failed to be a thing that happened at first, and would watch the occasional Canadian Football League game when I'd happen upon it on ESPN. When Doug came back to the NFL, it was ALMOST enough to make me a Bills fan. I was even more thrilled when he was a Patriot for a minute. Doug retired when he was 43 and continues to be awesome.
Fun Doug fact: I got to do Doug's makeup! Yeah! It was for a show on the New England Sports Network, and I had to keep my fangirl in my back pocket.

3. Kurt Warner.

Kurt also didn't find his place in the NFL right away, playing in the Arena Football League and at one point, bagging groceries to supplement his football income. And then, as a backup quarterback, he stepped up and absolutely lit the St. Louis Rams on fire as the leader of The Greatest Show on Turf.
Fun Kurt fact: I was lucky enough to work for ESPN the week of Super Bowl 42 (don't make me pull out the roman numerals) in Phoenix. Can you say hashtag dream job? I was on call the day of the game, but they didn't call me. Honestly, I'm not sure I could've kept my fangirl in check enough to do touchups on the commentators. My assignment was The Mike Tirico Show. Kurt was an Arizona Cardinal at the time, and he kept showing up to our show! He is super handsome in person. Those helmets don't do everyone justice.

2. Brett Favre.

Brett is pretty much made of awesome. Brett had gone gray a lot earlier than the other guys on this list, and everyone had declared him ancient at forty. Even people who were forty, because as my friend Barbara said, “football years are totally different.” What sticks with me the most is how much Brett loved the game, and how hard it was for him to walk away.
I have no fun Brett facts. I hate this more than I want to admit. Apart from the fact that he now offers motivational speeches for any event, look into this Brett Favre agent page to learn more and perhaps even hire him!

1. Tom Brady.

I'm well aware that you probably hate Tom Brady. But I'm going to tell you why I don't. Tom and I go way back to his rookie year, when my friend Sharon and I were at training camp, lamenting that the rookie was the only one hitting every pass in his drills. We didn't even know his name without looking at the roster. He was a fourth-string QB that year and didn't even dress for games. He didn't even stand on the sidelines with the team. He had a ticket to each game and watched from the stands. The next season, I was lucky enough to be at Tom's first game as a starter, the very first Brady-Manning Bowl. It was probably the most exciting game I've ever been to (because I was also at the game two weeks before when Drew Bledsoe took the hit that basically ended his Patriots career) because you could feel the shift from a team that was going nowhere to a team that had a shot. Tom's 40 feels a lot different than the other three guys on this list, maybe because he's younger than me.
Fun Tom facts: Tom parked next to me at a Patriots party in 2002 and we stood in line together to get into said party. I was far too dumbfounded to speak to him. Also, at some random game in Arizona, my friend and I somehow wound up going out on the field during the national anthem to hold up the flag. They had us go to the field through the visiting team's tunnel and stand on the sideline until it was time to go on the field. The players were all RIGHT THERE, in their uniforms with the game faces on. Holy crap was that AMAZING. Bonus fun fact: we also walked right by Emmett Smith.

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