January 22, 2018

Behind the Scenes of Silver Fox!

When worlds collide…that's the best way to sum up Silver Fox. Jenna and Landon have been chasing their dreams, their only link their daughter. Fiona is just about to turn eighteen and she's threatening to rip everything apart, but she brings her parents together. And The Real Werewives of Alaska are going BAD…Bad Alpha Dads, that is. Silver Fox is part of the shared author world where you'll want to make these alphas be good.

Silver Fox is coming February 6! Enjoy a behind the scenes look at the Werewife auction!

“Hi, Daddy.” Fiona beamed at Landon.

“Daddy?” Fiona’s new friend jumped out from under her like she’d set him on fire. “Fox is…your dad?”

“Hi, sweetheart.” Landon’s voice was flat. “Yes, Tyler, that’s my daughter who offered to strip for you in a champagne bath. What did I tell you today at practice about making smart decisions?”

Sad that he was more of a father figure to this man I’d never laid eyes on before than to his own daughter. But that was what I’d come here to fix.

“Mom, did you bid on Dad?” Fiona asked, wrinkling her nose as she smoothed out her skirt. “Eeew.”

“Would you rather I bid on someone else?” For the first time since concocting this plan, I regretted it. My daughter’s emphatic declaration made it sound underhanded and dirty. Landon was the fox shifter, but I was the one using trickery to get what I wanted. I didn’t give her a chance to voice her opinion. “Now, tell your new friend that the striptease will have to wait until you turn eighteen.”

“Next week,” she reminded us, then turned to beam at Tyler. My daughter had absolutely no poker face, and the wheels were turning. “You can show me how Alaska Bloodhounds celebrate special occasions.”

I groaned. Compromise was the name of the game with Fiona. What the hell was I thinking, bringing my wild child to an all you can eat football player buffet a week before her eighteenth birthday? Right, I wanted to get her father involved in her life. And from the look on his face, the narrowed eyes, the steely glare zeroed in on the couch, my plan was so crazy it might just work.

“If you touch her, I’ll kill you,” Landon said.

“Come on, Fox, you don’t mean that.” Tyler’s voice had gone up at least an octave, but he didn’t shy away from Landon’s glare. There was something much more than mentorship going on here. These two were rivals.


The realization glittered in Fiona’s eyes like starbursts.

“Dead.” Landon’s tone didn’t leave any room for discussion, and Tyler disappeared behind the curtain.

Fiona crossed her arms, the shine dissolving to a glare for both of us. “How come I’m in trouble for doing the same exact thing you just did?”

“Because you’re seventeen—”

“For like another minute.”

“And you crashed the show.” I turned to Tessa, who’d been a silent spectator to our family drama. “Sorry.”

“You signed Fiona up for The Real Werewives?” Landon roared. “What the hell were you thinking?”

“I didn’t.” Like he had any room to critique my parenting decisions. He made special appearances at the holidays that were convenient to him. He did not get to have an opinion right now. “I signed myself up for the show.”

Landon Fox was a man of few words, but he was never speechless. Until now.


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Kathi - January 31, 2018

Can’t wait!! Love these Alaska Real Werewives stories. <3

    kristenstrassel - January 31, 2018

    Me too! <3

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