October 16, 2017

#makeuptipmonday If you can only do one thing

If you're a member of my reader group, you get asked questions every once in a while. Important things like your favorite hot guys, character names, the best book you've read lately, and what you want to know about makeup. Fellow author Sarah L. Blair jumped on that train.

Sarah asked: What’s the fastest thing I can do to not look like a tired mommy hag?

Sarah's a busy mom with two kids under the age of six. In addition to writing books, she's a part-time preschool teacher who would rather not feel like a hot mess.

I can feel the moms of little ones coming together like:

I asked Sarah a few more questions about what her beauty routine looked like. I have a busy schedule, but I don't have little ones vying for my schedule. Whole different ballgame.

“My beauty routine is dry shampoo, deodorant, brushing my teeth, and hopefully a clean(ish) shirt. Sometimes, I'm able to catch the long red light before I get to school and I can slap on some eyeliner if I can dig through my purse fast enough and find it underneath the extra pacis, old grocery receipts, and spare tampons,” she said. “Occasionally I get to take a shower with a kid plastered against the door begging me to get something.”

You've lived this life before, right? When I go to work, I have to rock the full face, but that's not the case for every job. “All the ladies at work manage to somehow look so put together with clean clothes, some kind of actual eye-makeup and even some lipstick. I just want to look like I'm at least trying to not look like a hot mess,” Sarah added. “I pretty much don't give a flying flippity flop what people think I look like, but I want to at least pretend I do.”

It's not so much about caring about what you look like. It's how you feel. Makeup is psychological. If you feel good about yourself, you're more likely to do more, try new things, and approach people you otherwise wouldn't. Of course, I know lipstick and a blow-out aren't required to feel your best, but for a lot of us, it helps. A lot.

Sarah made me think. If you don't have a second for yourself, what can you do to make yourself feel put together?

So this is what I came up with:

If you can only do one thing: Put on mascara. It will bring your eyes forward and make you not look so tired.
One more thing? Lipgloss or lipstick. You'll feel better if your lips aren't dry.

Another thing? Blush or bronzer. It will help brighten up your eyes.

Can you squeeze another thing in? Go for the concealer. Getting rid of those dark circles will make you feel like a rock star.

What can you do while you're doing other things? Drink water! It will make your skin look clearer and it will help alleviate dark circles. And when you're putting sunscreen on the kids, put some on yourself, too.

Hope this helps! In the meantime, stay pretty, my friends!