September 6, 2017

A Guided Tour of Vampire Las Vegas

Tiny houses are sexy, especially if you have taken the time to look at these tiny house design ideas to create a space that is truly out of this world. There, I said it. In fact, I'm even a fan of their oft-maligned, hopelessly un-hipster cousin, the good ol' motor home. It's got nothing to do with the composting toilet or that weird slab o' wood that is a dining room table, drafting table, and coffee table all in one. The sex appeal is the freedom, and those little houses wear it like a killer LBD. I want to visit so many places, truly EXPERIENCE them. To do that, you have to live in them–not have all your crap in a suitcase and wait for room service to bring a hot fudge sundae, (As I write this, I'm staying at a hotel and craving a traditional sundae, complete with the stemmed glass) it's getting down and dirty with all your stuff around you and living like you truly belong there. Seeing more than what's in those little brochures in the lobby.

But I'll probably never get a tiny house. Unless it's stationary and in paradise. None of them have couches. This girl needs a couch. Every book I've ever written has come to you courtesy of my boring beige couch. I do all my work from my couch, even though I have an office. And I don't want one of those loft bedrooms with a ladder. I'm a clutz, and I can see myself falling off it at 4 AM on a trip to the composting toilet. I've also never driven anything bigger than a Camaro, so I don't particularly see me driving anything capable of hauling an entire house.

The wanderlust is still there. I'll always have a soft spot for Las Vegas–my second home, my home away from home. It feels right to be there. In a couple of days, I'm back in the routine of going to see all the local bands that I love. Las Vegas is an amazing place and it truly is my second home. There are so many things to do there which is why I love it so much! I've been using some of the best slot sites to try and improve my slot machine skills in preparation for my trip. The casinos in Vegas attract millions of people every year (myself included), so I'll definitely have a few nights out to the casino strip! It would be rude not to really as it's such a focal point of Vegas. I know some of my friends are using creamo to brush up on some of their gambling skills and preparing for the strip trip ahead. There are also lots of other amazing things to see in Vegas too.

Cirque Macabre calls Las Vegas home, and if you're planning a trip there, here are some of the places mentioned in the book. As well as a couple of my favorite bands in residence there. 🙂


Vamp'd Rock Bar, Las VegasYes, Virginia, there really is a vampire bar in Las Vegas. I wish it was Sin City Vampire Club, but Vamp'd is amazing. At one point, I think Vince Neil had an affiliation to the bar (he's a reoccurring theme in my tour. It's like finding the hidden Mickeys in Disney. Find the hidden Vinces.) and an earlier incarnation of it was called Feelgoods. It's also right down the street from my first apartment in Vegas. If it existed when I lived there, I would've never left. Check out Vamp'd almost any night of the week for your favorite 90s era hard rock bands (either a tribute or the real thing) as well as some of the best Vegas cover bands.


SLS Resort Las VegasWhen I started writing my Vegas vampires, the Sahara hotel stood empty at the north end of the Strip. I had a soft spot for the Sahara. It was the first place I ever stayed in Vegas. It was cheap, kind of campy in its twilight years, and I loved it. The place had a good vibe. I mean, Elvis was there. The Beatles. It was the perfect place for Immortal Dilemma to be in residence. So I created my dream Vegas resort and called it the Alta Vista. Today, the SLS is there. I can't talk much about SLS, because I haven't been able to bring myself to go inside.

Circus Circus

Circus Circus Las VegasI was nice and minimized the giant clown sign. You're welcome. Cirque Macabre was fictionally in residence at Circus Circus. I picked this as a location because it's close to SLS (the Alta Vista) and they actually have a circus-style show there. It's in the round, meant for kids, and free to attend. But I put a sexy supernatural spin on it. Also inside Circus Circus:

Vince Neil's Tatuado

Vince Neil's TatuadoOh hey! There's a Vince! This is another place to catch Sunset Strip style hard rock. Tons of older rockers live in Vegas, many of them were in bands I loved when I was a kid, and I love going to see them in these small clubs. Tatuado is decked out to look like the Rainbow in Hollywood. They also sell giant toilet drinks. It felt wrong not to point it out.

Sin City Sinners

Sin City SinnersDon't even call yourself a fan of hair metal if you go to Vegas and don't see the Sinners. Your card will be revoked. These guys are awesome. A revolving lineup featuring guests of your favorite hard rock bands, they mostly play covers of the music you love. And if you're not a fan of that kind of music, no worries. You'll still dig them. How do I know? I bring everyone to see them. And they always want to go back for more.

Steel Panther

Steel PantherHashtag legends. Okay, so this band has existed in many incarnations and under many names: Metal Shop, Metal Skool, and now Steel Panther. If you like your hair metal with a side of comedy, get your ass to a show. They tour, too, so you don't even have to go to Vegas. Steel Panther will come to you. How's that for service? When I lived in Vegas, they played every Tuesday night at Sunset Station. I used to sneak my underage co-worker, Valerie, in with me. That was after we stopped at the supermarket and got our own booze because you could walk in with anything from anywhere.

Damn, I miss Vegas.


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