We Own the Night is Here!

We’ve got a book birthday in the house! The storyline with Callie, Tristan and Blade, as well as Melanie, Ryder, and Soul Divider is now complete with the release of We Own the Night. If you’ve been waiting on this series because you want to binge read—now’s the time!

The Night Songs Collection is urban fantasy, but this one does include a HEA.

Keep reading for an excerpt!

We Own the Night by Kristen Strassel

We Own the Night

The Las Vegas vampire clan is on the verge of chaos. Our leader is dead—the permanent kind, a bloodthirsty vampire is on the loose, and it’s all my fault.

The only vampire who has any idea how to fix it is Cash Logan, a magician shrouded in mystery. I’m not sure what side he’s on, but I have to take a chance on the only vampire who’s willing to give the answers I need, no matter how dark and frightening they may be.

To prove I’m worthy of being a leader, I have to take on the person I betrayed and destroy him.

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Here's a sneak peek!

Headlights were coming straight for me, and I jumped as high as I could, landing on the hood of a red sports car. I held onto the windshield wipers to not be thrown off as the driver skidded to a stop.

Cash Logan pushed his dark glasses on top of his head when he got out of the car. He had the nerve to laugh as he offered me a hand. “Hello, Mistress.”

“You drive like a frigging maniac,” I spat as I climbed off the car. “And don’t call me that.”

He jerked my body close enough so his long hair tangled in mine. “If you want people to start treating you like a leader, accept what you are.”

A much blunter version of what Tristan had said to me inside the bar. I’d learned my lesson, and I wouldn’t fight with Cash. I only had one chance to get things right with him.

I understood why Lennon had a thing for him. Something about him truly was magical.

“I can help you, Callie.”

His words snapped me out of my daze. “What do you want from me?”

“I haven’t decided yet. But I know exactly who to ask when I need a favor.”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to know what a Cash Logan favor looked like. It wasn’t only magic that swirled around him. Magic was open for debate. He had power, and no one could argue with that.

Tristan revved the engine again. “Your creator is waiting for you,” Cash said.

“I know.”

“I like him.” Cash tipped his head toward the Viper. “This comes easily to him, and that’s why they all hate him. He’s meant for this, and so are you.”

“I’m not.” It wasn’t dangerous to admit my shortcomings. Cash knew them all. Vampires were lousy at keeping secrets.

“Nobody wants to help you because they’re afraid of you. You have something they don’t. That’s why they’re trying to keep you down. Focus on their energy, and you’ll figure out your advantage.”

“And you’re not trying to take advantage of me?”

“No.” Only a true magician could help me succeed.

Tristan leaned on the horn of the Viper. I really wanted to give him the finger. “I have to go clean up that mess.”

Cash grinned. “Don’t let them hold you down, Callie.”

Silent Night, Book 4 of the Night Songs Collection will be coming in May!