Night Moves Available Now!

The Night Songs rerelease continues with Night Moves! This is Melanie and Ryder's story. And if you're saying, WTF Kristen, you left us totally hanging with Callie in that office, and you want us to read someone else's story. Yes, I do. 🙂 Melanie, Ryder, and Soul Divider figure prominently into the rest of Callie's story, and this is the best time to meet them.

This story was so fun to write because we meet Soul Divider on tour. One of my bucket list items is to randomly drive around the country, stirring up trouble, and then driving off into the sunset. Melanie and her best friend Erin get to do just that.

You may know that I based Immortal Dilemma on Motley Crue. Think Bon Jovi and Slaughter for Soul Divider.

Enjoy the book! We Own the Night is coming in 12 days!

Night Moves

We bonded in darkness, over darkness.
I let my stupid job ruin everything—my social life was non-existent and my boyfriend was practically a stranger. I shouldn’t have been surprised when I came home to find him exploring other options—blonder, bustier options—but instead I made the biggest mistake of my life.
Now I’m on the run. And I happened to find my favorite rock band, Soul Divider, at some middle of nowhere motel. I’d fantasized about Ryder Maddox playing me like his favorite guitar so many times, and now he’s invited me on tour.
But Ryder and the rest of the band have a secret of their own. They traded their mortality for another chance at fame.
Ryder might have forever, but as the bodies pile up in the wake of the tour, I wonder how long until I’m next.