April 13, 2016

Colorado Shifters–The Complete Series

D&H_CS07The complete Colorado Shifters series—including exclusive bonus content that was only previously available as part of the Alphas Gone Wild boxset—Wild for the Lion–is now available! It's also in Kindle Unlimited!

The introductory price won't last! Grab it here: AMAZON

Lion and Doe
Lions toy with their prey before they kill it. But when Leo finds Daphne in the woods, he falls in love instead.
Doe and the Hunter
Chloe’s been looking forward to The Mate her whole life. A hunter is the last person she expects to be the one.
Wild for the Lion
After she’s claimed by a lion, Daphne must learn to embrace her wild side if she wants to survive as the only weredeer against Soldier Mountain’s jealous pride.
Cougar and the Lion
Arielle Owens is forty, curvy, and the only werecougar in the pride who has yet to find her mate. A birthday present helps her discover her wild side—and her mate.
Doe and the Pride
One thing’s for damn sure. Daphne is not going to stay on the mountain with the cougars who tried to kill her. But Leo is worth fighting for, and she’s determined to find a place they can call home.

I know some of you already read the entire series. And I love you for that, by the way. If you're interested in reading Wild for the Lion, and you're not part of KU, it's available for free to my newsletter subscribers. You can download it here, and at the same time, you'll be signed up for my mailing list. I promise to respect your mailbox, and only send you news about releases and sales.

Wild for the Lion is best read between Doe and the Hunter and Cougar and the Lion. It is truly the middle of the series.