March 17, 2016

Since Wolves Belong in Packs…

I bundled the Sawtooth Shifters series!

I'm all about options. If you enjoyed Forever Home, now you can either grab the books one at a time as you want to read them, or if you like to read the whole story at once, you can do that, too.

Sawtooth Shifters is now available in two volumes, Volume 1 is books 1-4, and Volume 2 is books 5-7. For a minute, I considered bundling the Channings together and the Lowes together but it would've broken up the arc of the story in the forest.  Plus, I like making them work together. It's good for them.

Choosing the couples for the covers wasn't as easy as I thought it would be! Shadow and Trina seemed to be the natural choice for Sawtooth Shifters. They're the alpha couple, and the ones everyone meets first. But I love all the couples, and they bring something unique to the table. For Volume Two, I decided to go with with X and Chandra, since their story is last, I felt like it bookended the collection, and brought readers from start to finish. I loved the photo from Forever Home, but I chose a different pose for X and Chandra. It just felt right.

A few of you have asked if there will be more Sawtooth Shifters stories. The answer is maybe. I wrapped things up pretty tightly at the end, but these characters are hard to walk away from. Right now, I'm working on my contemporary stuff (specifically the follow ups to No Strings Attached and Work For It), but I won't rule anything out. If the story presents itself, I'm more than happy to spend more time in Granger Falls.

But now, without further ado….

Volume 1: 
Includes Forever Home, Rescue Me, Protect Me, and Conquer Me














Volume 2:
Includes Celebrate Me, Shelter Me, and Complete Me
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