November 13, 2015

Bad Boys Need Love, Too…

Happy Book Birthday to Conquer Me!

When I started the Sawtooth Shifters series, I only intended to write about the Channings and the ladies of Forever Home. As the story developed and I met the Lowes, I knew there was no chance in hell they'd let me type The End without hearing from them. Four books became seven, and I was completely captivated by what Major, Shea, and X had to say.

CM_07Conquer Me is Major's story.

Major is looking to the future.
After six months in captivity, Major wants more than revenge on his captor. He needs to change the course of the Sawtooth Forest packs. All the she-wolves have been sold to the highest bidder, and the wolves are a generation away from extinction. Major has a true mate, but she belongs to someone else. He’ll put everything on the line to make her his.
Cass is trapped by her past.
Being sold to a man who will never love her hurts, but it’s even more painful when her husband's sworn enemy should be her true mate. Cass never accepted her fate, and when Major walks back into her life, she knows things must change. Not just for herself, but to ensure her daughter has a future full of love instead of fear.
Cass must decide what’s more dangerous—staying with her husband and guaranteeing the same fate for her daughter, or following her heart with Major.

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“You have no idea,” I whispered in her ear, running my lips over her throat. “But this is no place for a lady.”

“Good thing I’m not one.” She grabbed my chin and brought my face back to hers. She smelled incredible; jasmine, vanilla, and a breath of fresh fucking air. “I just read my little girl a story about how she was going to find her happily ever after, and after I refrained from adding what kind of bullshit it was, I decided maybe I was the one who should be proven wrong.”

I laughed. “If I remember correctly, you never are.” Except for when she married Walter.

“God, I missed you, Major.” She put her hand on my chest, over my heart.

“You shouldn’t have come here, Cass.”

She pulled away from me. Fuck. “Oh, you think you’re going to tell me what to do now?”

I don’t think I had genuinely smiled since before the capture. “You’d know if I was giving you orders, Cass.”

“Indulge me.” She bit her lip, sitting  on the stool next to mine and calling over the bartender. “Let me play in your world.”

Cass wrapped her lips around the longneck bottle, and I couldn’t tear my eyes away. She licked the tip of the bottle, winking at me before she put it on the bar. She knew exactly what she was doing. Asking for trouble.

“I’d make sure this beautiful body didn’t have a stitch of clothing on it.” I ran my finger from her knee to the hem of her dress. I let it catch there, not going any further. I’d never bring Cass to Red Heaven, and more importantly, she’d never go. “And I’d bend you over, that glorious ass high in the air—“

Cass leaned forward, cheeks and cleavage flushed. “Is that all you think about?” She took another sip of her beer. This woman was trying to kill me. “Sex?”

A dark thought flashed in my head. Fuck. She could’ve been sent as a decoy. Cass had to do as her husband wished. His father’s blood may still be underneath Shadow’s fingernails, but it wouldn’t stop Walter from wanting me gone. “With you around? It’s in the top two.”

“What’s the other thing?” she asked.

“Spending the rest of my life with you.”