October 1, 2015

Ready For Some Fairy Tale Confessions?

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Earlier this year, I teamed up with a bunch of awesome authors with one mission: taking on classic fairy tales and putting our own signature stamp on it. This was so different than anything I'd ever done before, so I was in.


When you think about it, a romance novel is a modern day fairy tale.  It brings two unlikely people together. They see something in each other no one else does, and together they can achieve more than they ever could on their own.  And that happily ever after thing, sign me up.

I took on Sleeping Beauty.  I knew I could add my own special twist to this story.  What would wake a modern girl up from a seemingly endless coma?  And what was that slumber a metaphor for?  I came up with Lani, a bad ass rocker chick with her middle finger up in the air, desperately trying to escape the expectations set for her by her famous family, and Darius, the vampire who saw through all the crap–not only the image that her family wanted for her, but they one she'd built for herself–and loved her for who she really was.

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This story is EXCLUSIVE to this set. You can't get it anywhere else.  Also check out Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, Jack(lyn) and the Beanstock, Beauty and the Beast, Alice and Wonderland, Pinocchio…seriously, why are you still reading this and not that? Oh, because I haven't given you links yet. Let me fix that:

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