Welcome to Vampire Month!

Today is: National Loyalty Day, National Mother Goose Day, National Chocolate Parfait Day (I can get behind this one!), National Space Day, Law Day, and Silver Star Service Banner Day.

I shit you not.

Nothing is ever going to match the perfection of Taco Tuesday (everyone needs a reason to live on the most uneventful day of the week), but I'm going to make a stab at it.  These days are getting out of control, so I didn't think anyone would mind if I grabbed an entire month.

vampire month

My vampires are back!  Holly isn't exactly a vampire, but you'll be getting to know her better in the next couple weeks.  I missed my vampires. Even though Silent Night came out in November of 2014, I wrote that book at the end of 2013. It had been almost a year since I'd spent any quality time with those characters.   I love all of my fake children equally, don't get me wrong, but my vampires do bad things. There's a certain freedom to being able to write characters that live that far outside the norms of society that I can't experience with contemporary or even my shape shifters.  It's a completely different writing process and head space.

Now you might be thinking, wait a minute, Kristen. I thought this was a new series.  It is. It spins off of The Night Songs Collection. So while it's a new story focusing on new characters, there will be a lot of familiar faces we get to see in a new light.  You don't have to read the other books to know what's going on in The Fire Dancer. But if you want to read them, I certainly won't stop you.

So what's going to be happening during Vampire Month?  You'll get to meet Holly Octane and get a better look at Cash Logan and Blade Bennett.  I'll share what influenced me to write the story, and how it came together.  There will be some oldies but goodies from the blog.  There will be special offers and giveaways. And oh yeah, The Fire Dancer.  🙂