May 10, 2015

The Howling Good Blog Hop! Over $200 in Prizes!

Howling Good Hop

Welcome to the Howling Good Hop! Be sure to enter our Rafflecopter for a chance to win one of $200 in prizes. Also, leave a comment on this post to enter a drawing for an Audible edition of We Own the Night (one of my vampire books, the companion novel to my new release, The Fire Dancer).

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Welcome!  If we're just meeting for the first time, I'm Kristen. I write paranormal and contemporary romance. Right now, I have three series available. Colorado Shifters is my shifter series, The Night Songs Collection is vampire rock stars in Las Vegas, and The Spotlight Series focuses on reality show winners that are caught in a show scandal.

When I'm not writing, I work as a makeup artist for film and television, which gives me plenty of plots and subplots for my stories.  I love watching football, going to diners, and doing zumba.  I may also think that pleather leggings are dress up clothes. After all, life only gives us so many chances to wear such things, and I don't believe in wasting any of them.

Back to the books. They're shifters and they're in Colorado, but what are these things actually about

Aesop's Fable: 

  The Doe and the Lion 

  A DOE hard pressed by hunters sought refuge in a cave belonging
to a Lion.  The Lion concealed himself on seeing her approach,
but when she was safe within the cave, sprang upon her and tore
her to pieces.  "Woe is me," exclaimed the Doe, "who have escaped
from man, only to throw myself into the mouth of a wild beast?'
In avoiding one evil, care must be taken not to fall into

When I decided to write a shifter story, wolves weren't calling to me. I wanted to explore the transformation of animal to human, and traits we have in common. I kept being drawn back to lions.  Majestic and most certainly alpha, I knew there was a story there, but the plot hadn't come to me yet until I came upon one line.

Lions toy with their prey before they kill it.

Yes. Now I had a story.  But what if my lion fell in love with the girl he was meant to prey upon?

lion and deer together

Lion and the Doe was born. I became fascinated with these beautiful animals and loved exploring the dynamics of the animals and applying them to Leo and Daphne's relationship. I tried vegan recipes and climbed a (small) mountain so I could tell a story from a doe's perspective. I chose Woodland Park, Colorado as a setting because of its rugged terrain, location, and beauty. Little did I know that I was about to meet someone who was to become a great friend from Woodland Park! I've never been to Colorado, but now I had someone who could help me incorporate in all the town quirks to give the story roots.

Shifters have been living peacefully in the town for decades, but when they turn to their animal form, they aren't so friendly anymore. Deer mate for life, and they shift the year they're ready to have babies. Halloween is the height of mating season, and does are sent out into the forest to find their mate. Best friends Daphne and Chloe both shifted the same year (hang out long with someone long enough and you get on the same cycle, right?) When it was time for them to find their mates, things didn't exactly go as planned.

Woodland Park is a conservative town, even in my books, and the residents are not taking kindly to all these unconventional pairings.

Rules have been broken. Traditions ignored. And when the mate is forever, no challenge can ever be avoided.

We knew what the deer herd had to say about it, but it was time to hear from the pride.

ari and dylan 2

A couple of fun facts about Cougar and the Lion:  Yes, I made Ari older on purpose. A few readers have asked about that. I write a lot of new adult, but I'd had this story line floating around in my head for a while. Cougar and the Lion was the perfect place for the story of older woman and a younger man falling in love. It's a perfect fit with Daphne and Chloe's unconventional love stories. I have much more in common age wise with Ari than I do with Daphne, so I could relate to her struggles. But…I almost didn't put the book out. I thought I was going to catch hell for making an older woman a cougar shifter. Instead, Ari became a series favorite, which makes me very happy because I love her, too.

And if you see my Dylan, please send him my way.

Colorado Shifters is a complete series.  The reading order is:

What's next?

I have a few more ideas for shifter stories.  My problem is I have more ideas than I can possibly keep up with!  But I'm hoping (fingers crossed) to release a new shifter series sometime this fall. Also, if you've seen my clone, send her my way. She's got work to do.

This month, THE FIRE DANCER, the first book in a spin off of my vampire series comes out on May 21. It's available for preorder now!  Rock n roll, vampires, and Las Vegas make the perfect combination of dark, sensual creatures that don't play by society's rules. Here's the blurb:


At Le Cirque Macabre, Holly Octane bursts into flames five nights a week. The stage is where Holly feels most alive. When she’s there no one can touch her, and everyone adores her.
Brought to Las Vegas as vampire bait, Holly’s connection to the immortals is a mystery. She’s one of a kind– traveling through time and igniting when her emotions get too hot to handle. The only people who understand her are an aunt with a hidden agenda and her fortune teller girlfriend, Rainey, who doesn’t see a future with Holly in it.
Cash Logan needs Holly, but she’s not the reason he came to Vegas. The enigmatic magician seeks Blade Bennett, a vampire that has a power that he shouldn’t have–fire. A power that could determine the future of all of vampire kind. Holly’s the only one who can help Blade control his fire, but their feelings for each other are too fiery to ignore.
Immortals rule the Vegas night, and not one of them trusts Cash or Blade. If Holly lets them draw her in to this world designed to destroy her, she’ll lose everything—the only family she’s ever known, and everyone who adores her.
Las Vegas is her stage, and Holly is determined to set the city on fire.

I'm also working on a new contemporary romance, but for now, I'm keeping the details of that one under wraps. I will say if you like Ari in Cougar and the Lion, you'll also like Leah.

Thanks for stopping by! Keep in touch! I'm on Facebook and Twitter way too much. Make sure you check out the other blogs, enter the rafflecopter giveaway to win part of $200 worth of prizes, and comment below to win the Audible edition of We Own the Night.


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This series sounds very interesting and can’t wait to read it. I love how you went to the town where the story is set and put yourself in the mind and feelings of the characters and their surroundings.

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