November 16, 2014

The SILENT NIGHT Tour of Cambridge

The fun thing about writing about places I'm familiar with is being able to incorporate real locations into the story. This was a popular post with Secondhand Heart, so I'm going to do it all over again for SILENT NIGHT. It's t-minus two days until the book comes out. I can't believe it. I know it seems like I've put out a lot of books lately, and that's because I have, and this one I've had ready for a while. Since it starts on Christmas Eve, I wanted to wait until the holidays to release it.

It's like a duck tour, but in Cambridge and not in Boston, and on your computer and not in an amphibious vehicle. Without further ado, let me show you Kyndra's Cambridge:

cambridgeside galleriaI'm not totally specific in the book, but when I pictured Kyndra working at a mall, I knew she worked at Victoria's Secret in the Cambridgeside Galleria. Fun facts about this: Julie was a manager of this store, and I worked at another location. Like Kyndra, this was the job that made me realize that retail management was not for me. Also, much like Kyndra, I quit, signed up for cosmetology school, and the rest is history.

ChurchThis is a random Catholic Church in Cambridge, but the only time I ever go to church is Christmas Eve. To be honest, I don't think I could provide you with a truthful reason why I don't go to church more. It could be due to not having enough time, or it could be because there isn't enough media coverage surrounding the church. But I do think that if they introduced these free church media resources, from somewhere like, that more people would become interested in what it offers. I think I would because I would never know what they offer otherwise, except for when I go on Christmas Eve, of course. The sermon mentioned in the book is one that the preacher told on Christmas Eve, that Jesus came to earth as a man so we could identify with him. For whatever reason, that stuck with me. I'm not overly religious, and neither is Kyndra. She just felt like it was the right place to be, and it led her to Aidan.

Harvard SquareI used to LOVE hanging out in Harvard Square when I was in High School. It was a long haul from the ‘burbs, but we used to take the T into the city whenever we could, and Harvard Square was just frigging cool, with all its little shops and interesting people hanging out. There's tons of colleges in the area (big surprise there, right?), so it's still great for people watching, but it's been gentrified. The high end chains have moved in, but if you're vegetarian or vegan, Cambridge is a great place for you to get an amazing meal.

triple deckerWhen I think about anywhere in the 617 area code, I think triple deckers. It's very New England architecture, and very urban. At least to me. I picture Aidan's as updated, but still rustic, with lots of wood and browns and reds. And it smells like tea and old books.

Revere BeachWhen Aidan rescues Kyndra from the awful party she goes to with Paige, he brings her to Revere Beach. Revere Beach is a little rough and tumble, but it's got a walkway (not a boardwalk) that I pictured them walking along during the scene. A couple fun facts: I'm pretty sure where that lit sign is in the picture is what used to be a club called The Tank, where my friends band Superzero used to play all the time. Also, we shot the beach scenes for Black Mass at Revere Beach this summer. It was supposed to be Miami.

hospitalCambridge Memorial Hospital is a made up place, but I figured I could get a picture in here of Mount Auburn. Some of the finest hospitals in the world are in Boston, and many great medical and nursing programs are in the city as well. Kyndra's working in a teaching hospital, which is pretty common in the city.

Now you have some visuals to go along with the story! Happy reading!