October 1, 2014


I don't really think of myself as a townie, but I guess I am. Even though I've lived all over the country, right now I live on the street I grew up on. I can look out my window and see my old bedroom window.

Another fun Kristen fact…I'm a Mayflower descendant. In 400 years, I've made it about 3 miles.

All the places I used in Secondhand Heart exist, except for the Lonely Heart Saloon. The building that it would be in is empty, and really used to be the Road Kill Cafe.



The scene of the crime:


Which I can't believe since this is the view from the windows:


But The Blue Eyed Crab is very much open. And delicious!



Daisy's school is really at Cordage Park, an old rope company that my grandfather worked at, which know also houses the unemployment office, and is rumored to be haunted. (Okay, this is one of the cool back buildings, but all the same complex)


Cam lives on White Horse Beach. That's where the infamous Captain Bill's winter rental was.  These are some pictures out my window, or from my walks on the beach.

No filter.

No filter.




The jetty was really built to give people jobs during the depression.


The Plymouth Pilgrims play at Forges Field.

pilgrims1Six days to go!



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Autumn @TheAutumnReview - November 15, 2014

I love this post! I’m going to share it. I love seeing the real places. I’ve been to Plymouth many times, but since I’m not a townie 😉 I don’t know these places. Btw, I’m a Mayflower descendant too!

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